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The ModernHOA.com Story

ModernHOA.com is brought to you by RiteTech LLC, a creative media and Information Technology (IT) company formed in 2007, and based in Northern Virginia.
RiteTech and its founders have been active members, CAI vendors, and local IT solution exhibitors since early 2008.  Our founders have a combined tenure of over 10 years serving on various Boards of Directors of their local HOA's, as well as three years of serving on the Board of Directors of a local public television station and non-profit Internet Service Provider (ISP).  Our client service representatives have also been actively involved in their local CAI chapter(s), whether it has included serving on the Outreach or Education Committees, attending or sponsoring social events.
The first version of RiteTech's ModernHOA.com web site system was created back in 2011, serving predominately local HOA's and small businesses, then expanding from there.  Over the past three years, we have continued to improve and evolve the system organically without "growing too fast", while paying careful attention to client feedback and customer care.  2013 was our first year exhibiting the system at CAI-National's conference in San Diego, and we once again demonstrated CAI-National in Florida in May, 2014.  We once again demonstrated ModernHOA at WMCCAI's local Conference & Expo in Washington, DC in March, 2015.
Our latest offering provides modern features and optional, yet affordable site customization - while our staff continues to provide the exceptional, personal service that ModernHOA & RiteTech has become well known for.  Please contact us to find out more about our solutions.  We look forward to working with you.