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Standard Modules

Informational Pages
Tell the world about your organization and why they should give you their business. With ModernHOA's content-editing tools you can create your own pages with your own content. No HTML experience needed!
Latest News & Press Releases
Post the latest news and information that relates to your business, including press releases.
Events Calendar
Does your company participate in events and activities you want to advertise? Manage them here.
The resources & links module proves a simple way to provide site visitors with a single list of resources or partners.
Save time by posting the common questions and answers frequently raised by customers in one, easy to find location.
Document Library
Our document library allows you to post documents and information your customers and employees need. With our security tools, you can even create an Intranet so that only employees can view certain documents.
Contact Us Form
A web-based email form provides a safe way to receive emails without publishing your email addresses for the world to see.
Dynamic Site Map
The site map is generated for each user based on their security - if they don't have access to a page, they won't see it!
Secure Content Areas
ModernHOA includes the ability to secure sections of the site to different groups, so you can decide who gets access.
Employee & Customer Login
Give employees or customers the ability to register and log into your organization's site.
All modules are able to self-administrated, if you desire.

Optional Services

Constant Contact
Constant Contact is an Internet outreach platform which provides a number of ways to stay connected with your members, customers, prospects or vendors. Constant Contact offers a variety of outreach options, including its core product - Outbound Email Marketing - as well as other modules for social media marketing, events management, coupons and more.
Features include the ability to create highly-visual, professional-looking email newsletters in minutes and superior email list management
ModernHOA/RiteTech offers a FREE no-obligation trial.
Facebook Integration
ModernHOA offers two types of Facebook integation: displaying your organization's Facebook feed in your web site and allowing site vistors to leave comments on your site using Facebook. Both options help increase exposure to your organization and provide the ability to have customers communicate openly with one-another.
No Facebook page? We can help get your setup as well!
Twitter can be a great tool to let your customers know what is going on or to provide them with the latest news and specials.
No Twitter account? We can help get your setup as well!
Web Site Analytics
ModernHOA uses web site analytics to track every hit to your organization's site. We can provide summary or detailed reports to show you where your site visitors are coming from, how long they are staying and how they are finding you.
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